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The Proceedings of the Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas publishes full-length peer-reviewed articles in physics that are presented in the annual Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas Physics Congress.
The PDF versions of these articles are freely available for download to registered users.

ISSN 2719-1621 (online)

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2021: Proceedings of the 39th Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas Physics Conference
SPP2021 Proceedings Cover

Accelerating national progress via physics: From quantum to stellar and beyond
20-22 October 2021

Please visit the SPP2021 activity webpage for more information on this year's Physics Congress.

Published: 2021-10-20

Keynote Address

Invited Presentations

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

Biological and Medical Physics

Complex Systems and Data Analytics

Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science

Fields and Particle Physics

Instrumentation and Environmental Physics

Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Poster Session A (Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science)

Poster Session B (Complex Systems, Photonics, and Interdisciplinary Topics)

Poster Session C (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics)

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