Holographic superconductivity above Tc


  • Dennis Salinel ⋅ PH National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Kristian Hauser Villegas ⋅ PH National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines Diliman


The study of holographic superconductors is an attempt to produce a phenomenological description of unconventional superconductivity by applying the Anti-de Sitter/Conformal Field Theory (AdS/CFT) correspondence to strongly coupled condensed matter systems. In this paper, we observe how a superfluid system with a temperature just above Tc behaves when its vector potential is periodically driven in the AdS radial direction. Under certain parameter regimes, a holographic superconductor can be induced; its condensate order parameter oscillating with a period equal to that of the driving, which is a nontrivial behavior at T > Tc. These results could hopefully be extended to charged, bona-fide superconductors in the boundary of the AdS space.



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Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science



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D Salinel and KH Villegas, Holographic superconductivity above Tc, Proceedings of the Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas 42, SPP-2024-3D-03 (2024). URL: https://proceedings.spp-online.org/article/view/SPP-2024-3D-03.