Development of terahertz-wave coherence tomography by widely tunable BW-TPO


  • Hiroaki Minamide ⋅ JP RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics, Japan


A Backward Terahertz (THz) Wave Parametric Oscillator (BW-TPO) is a compact THz-wave source that generates high-brightness sub-THz waves with a pulse peak of up to 200 W and a continuously tunable frequency over almost the entire sub-THz region basically. This excellent performance is useful for THz-wave coherence tomography. In particular, the transmittance is completely different depending on the material, and the high intensity output has the potential to measure even difficult-to- penetrate materials such as CFRP and GFRP. In this report, the developed swept-source THz-wave coherence tomography will be described using BW-TPO with wide 90 GHz tunability around 0.5 THz.

About the Speaker

Hiroaki Minamide, RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics, Japan

Hiroaki Minamide holds a B. Eng. (1993), M. Eng. (1996), and D. Eng. (1999) in Electrical, Information, and Physics Engineering from the School of Engineering at Tohoku University. He began his career as a Frontier Researcher at the Photodynamics Research Center at RIKEN in 1999 and subsequently worked as a Researcher in the THz Research Program in 2005. Over the years, he progressed to roles such as Deputy Team Leader (2008) and later Team Leader of the Tera-photonics Team at RIKEN from 2010 to the present. He currently serves as the Group Director of the Terahertz-wave research group at RIKEN since 2020. His research focuses on THz wave generation using a nonlinear optical crystal, THz wave detection through nonlinear wavelength conversion, and THz wave applications.
He received several awards as follows: IEEJ Excellent Presentation Award, Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, 1993; Award for the Presentation of an Excellent Paper, 24th Annual Meeting of the Laser Society of Japan, 2004; Research Promotion Award, Miyagi Science and Technology Promotion Fund, 2005; RIKEN BAIHO Award, RIKEN, 2022; 16th Kondo Prize (Technological Contribution Award), 2022. He is a senior member of the Laser Society of Japan and a regular member of various organizations such as the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, IEEE, and OSA.



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