Characterising oxygen loss in metal oxides


  • Bianca Baldassarri ⋅ US Northwestern University, USA


Oxygen loss plays a key role in many energy-related technologies. Through the use of computational methods, the investigation of the thermodynamic forces driving the formation of oxygen vacancies across a large variety of materials is possible. This leads not only to an increased understanding of the physical processes involved in reduction reactions, but it also allows to select the best candidate compounds for applications such as green hydrogen production.

About the Speaker

Bianca Baldassarri, Northwestern University, USA

Bianca Baldassarri recently earned her Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Northwestern University, while she finished her M.Sci. in Physics from University College London in 2016. She is currently interested in the first principles studies of materials for renewable energy applications, high-throughput discovery of new materials, and characterization of new materials for thermochemical water-splitting applications.



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