Scientific productivity in plasma research and technology in the Philippines


  • Karel G. Pabeliña ⋅ PH Invention Development Division, DOST–Technology Application and Promotion Institute


This study provides a comprehensive analysis of plasma research and technology trends in the Philippines, combining patent landscape and bibliometric approaches. It examines global and Philippine patenting trends, identifying key jurisdictions and top assignees, and conducts a bibliometric analysis to evaluate scientific output and collaboration patterns. The study also explores the diverse applications of plasma technology across industries, highlighting its wide-ranging impacts. Finally, it offers recommendations for researchers and inventors, emphasizing the importance of patenting, commercialization, collaboration, and seeking assistance from relevant organizations to advance plasma research and technology in the Philippines.

About the Speaker

Karel G. Pabeliña, Invention Development Division, DOST–Technology Application and Promotion Institute

Karel Pabeliña is a DOST–SEI scholar-graduate who completed a PhD in Physics at the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines Diliman. With nearly a decade of experience in scientific research, she has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings under the guidance of Dr. Henry J. Ramos. Her expertise has been further honed through various trainings, conferences, and seminars, as well as her mentorship of graduate and undergraduate physicists during her tenure as a Senior Researcher at the Plasma Physics Laboratory, UP Diliman.
She transitioned from academic R&D to corporate R&D and worked as a Staff New Product Introduction (NPI) Engineer at Sunpower. In this role, she had led anti-reflective (AR) glass qualification projects, successfully managing cross-functional teams to drive projects from development to full deployment stages across manufacturing facilities in the Philippines, Mexico, and France.
Later, she shifted her focus to patent research and analytics as a Principal Analyst at Parola Analytics, leveraging her analytical skills to provide valuable insights. Currently, Dr. Pabeliña serves as an S&T Fellow II within the Invention Development Division at the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST–TAPI).



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