Examining intrinsic motivation thru in-service teacher training on constructivist physics learning


  • Jethromel M. Meneses Tzu Chi School, Jakarta Indonesia
  • Clarez Charity P. Moskito Notre Dame of Midsayap College, Philippines
  • Hazel H. Abareta Philippine Science High School – CALABARZON Region Campus, Philippines
  • Joselito Y. Bulabos San Agustin National High School Philippines
  • Richard A. Cribello University of Sto. Tomas, Philippines
  • Clint Erven H. Mosqueda Dungoan High School, Philippines
  • Leo Mendel Rosario University of the Philippines Open University


Webinars are increasingly used for professional development due to their flexibility and accessibility. This study examines the impact of the “Siklab ng Psi” seminar, an in-service teacher training webinar, on intrinsic motivation in constructivist physics learning. Findings show that interactive elements, relevant content, and a supportive community significantly enhance educators’ intrinsic motivation, particularly in terms of interest, meaningfulness, and enjoyment. To optimize future training programs, it is recommended to incorporate more practical examples, improve scheduling, and continue fostering interactive learning environments. These insights aim to enhance professional development and improve teaching practices in complex subjects like quantum mechanics.


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Poster Session F (Physics Education and Interdisciplinary Topics)



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Jethromel M. Meneses, Clarez Charity P. Moskito, Hazel H. Abareta, Joselito Y. Bulabos, Richard A. Cribello, Clint Erven H. Mosqueda, and LM Rosario, Examining intrinsic motivation thru in-service teacher training on constructivist physics learning, Proceedings of the Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas 42, SPP-2024-PF-07 (2024). URL: https://proceedings.spp-online.org/article/view/SPP-2024-PF-07.