Experiential learning on vector operations using 3-D instructional apparatus


  • Cecilia O. Bucayong Department of Physics, Central Mindanao University


Generally, students' performance in physics is extremely low because of their incapacity to grasp fundamental concepts. Shallow conceptual understanding discourages students from pursuing and loving science. Our country's consistently bottom ranking in Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) reinforces this finding. Reality check, we need more scientists to be at par with economically advanced countries. In this talk, I will introduce a strategic solution to one of the basic topics in physics, vector operations in 3-D space, using patent-pending and PCT-applied instructional apparatus. This device helps transform the analytical method into experimental, experiential, more engaging, and exciting vector analysis with comparable results. Moreover, this talk will also present the success stories of technology promotion, demonstration, and training of teachers in select DepEd Division offices in Mindanao. Highlighting some of the participants' sharing of experiences, the practical process skills acquired in performing the activity, suggestions for improvement of the apparatus, and the teachers' recommendations to CHED/DepEd to patronize this. innovative technology for experiential learning.

About the Speaker

Cecilia O. Bucayong, Department of Physics, Central Mindanao University

Cecilia Bucayong is a Physics Education professor at the Central Mindanao University (CMU). She is listed as one of the Filipino experts in the Specialized Philippine Enterprise Reference of Experts and Scientists (SPHERES) published by the DOST's Science and Technology Information Institute (STII). She developed 3-D Instructional Apparatus for Vector Operations, the first technology in CMU to pass the three criteria for a patent (inventive step, novelty, and industrial applicability) based on the Formality Examination Report (FER) of IPOPHL. The technology was further applied to Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for international IP protection. In addition, she established the SCI-APP company engaged in metal works fabrication with 3-D apparatus as the banner technology. The company promotes the technology among its target market, the private and public education institutions in the Philippines.



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