Enhancement of TC and JC by indium doping in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 films


  • Francesca Isabel N. de Vera ⋅ PH Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics, University of the Philippines Los Baños
  • Roland V. Sarmago ⋅ PH National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines - Diliman


We report the improvements in electrical transport properties of Bi2Sr2-xInxCaCu2O8+d (In-doped Bi-2212) films. Low level indium doping in Bi-2212 films results in optimization of charge carrier concentration, decreased structural anisotropy, higher activation energy for flux motion and better intergrain connectivity. Activation energy Uig and critical current density JC are proportional to superconducting critical temperature TC, and inversely proportional to superconducting transition width ΔTC. This confirms key correlation between superconducting transport properties and flux dynamics with intergrain properties.



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Poster Session A (Materials Science, Instrumentation, and Photonics)



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FIN de Vera and RV Sarmago, Enhancement of TC and JC by indium doping in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 films, Proceedings of the Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas 40, SPP-2022-PA-03 (2022). URL: https://proceedings.spp-online.org/article/view/SPP-2022-PA-03.