Analyzing earthquake waveforms to investigate tectonic and magmatic processes


  • Sarah Jaye Oliva University of Victoria


Seismic waves hold information about how and where an earthquake initiated, the velocity structure along the wave path towards the seismic stations, and the associated stress release. By modelling seismic waves, we can invert for the seismic moment tensor, a simple mathematical representation of a seismic point source based on generalized force couples, which contain information on the size and mechanism of the seismic event. Interpreting these moment tensors in light of various complementary geologic, geophysical, and geodetic datasets reveal insights into the local stress field, which are important to understand underlying tectonic and magmatic processes and to inform hazard studies. I will present case studies from my research in different tectonic settings around the world, as well as talk about some of the latest breakthroughs in earthquakes research.

About the Speaker

Sarah Jaye Oliva, University of Victoria

Sarah Oliva has always been fascinated by the earth. Upon finishing her bachelor's degrees in Physics and Materials Science and Engineering in Ateneo de Manila University, she went to Italy to study Earth System Physics at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics. She obtained her doctorate from Tulane University in New Orleans, USA, where her dissertation explored fault-magma interactions in various extensional and volcanic settings using seismology and numerical modeling. She began to expand her expertise to offshore Western Canada as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of British Columbia. Last year, she was awarded the Hess Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at University of Victoria where she is currently affiliated. Her research interests include tectonophysics, earthquakes, volcanoes, and their related hazards. When she's not doing research, she likes doing science outreach (especially teaching kids), being outdoors, and learning languages.



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