Spin-polarized electrons in atomic layer materials formed on solid surfaces


  • Kazuyuki Sakamoto Osaka University, Japan


Elucidating the origin of spin-polarized electronic states of 2D atomic layer materials (ALMs) is one of the hottest topics in both fundamental science and applications. So far, the Rashba-Bychkov (RB) effect, which arises from the combination of potential gradient induced by broken inversion symmetry and spin-orbit coupling (SOC), was believed to be the main origin, but the spin textures of most ALMs are different from that expected by the ideal RB effect. In this talk, I first illustrate how the symmetry of the ALM's atomic structure can affect the spin texture, and then introduce that various spin textures, ranging from the RB-type to those that cannot be explained based on the origins proposed so far, can be simply induced by the orbital angular momentum. This talk aims to provide an overview on the insights gained on the spin-polarized electronic states of ALMs and to point out opportunities for exploring exotic physical properties when combining spin and other physics, and to realize future spintronics-based quantum devices.

About the Speaker

Kazuyuki Sakamoto, Osaka University, Japan

Kazuyuki Sakamoto is a professor of Applied Physics at Osaka University, Japan. His research interests are in the spin-related low-dimensional physical phenomena that occurs in atomic layer materials (ALMs) and topological quantum materials, such as spin-polarized electronic states of atomic layer superconductors, spin-orbit torque at the interface between magnetic and non-magnetic ALMs, and so on. Dr. Sakamoto received his PhD in condensed matter physics from Osaka University in 1994, and then joined the surface physics group at Tohoku University as an assistant professor. In the meantime, he was a guest researcher at Linköping University, Sweden from 2000 to 2002. In 2005, he moved to Chiba University as an associate professor, and was promoted as a full professor in 2015. From 2019, he is a full professor at Osaka University.



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