Cultural and natural heritage materials studies at SOLEIL synchrotron


  • Solenn Réguer SOLEIL Synchrotron, France


SOLEIL synchrotron is strongly involved in the field of cultural and natural heritage materials toward users or beamline scientists research projects but also thanks to the onsite collaboration of IPANEMA laboratory. I will present research projects realised at SOLEIL to reveal the secrets of ancient materials. The first line is linked to palaeontology. Advanced imaging techniques reveal unprecedented details to decipher fossilization processes. The second line aims to study ancient societies and elaboration techniques. Experiments rely on macro to micro mappings on large and sometimes non-flat pieces for archaeological (stone tools used to produce metal objects) and archaeometrical challenges (armour-making techniques). Finally, the third line often requires combination and correlation of different analysis to determine alteration processes and/or improve conservation treatments. Towards example of experiments done on complementary beamlines, this presentation will thus try to give an overview of the last 15 years of ancient materials studies at SOLEIL.

About the Speaker

Solenn Réguer, SOLEIL Synchrotron, France

Solenn Réguer is a physico-chemist and expert in the characterisation of cultural and natural heritage materials. She holds a PhD in physics from the University of Paris XI, following university studies in fundamental physics and a postgraduate diploma in physics and technology of large instruments facilities. She is currently beamline Scientist at the SOLEIL Synchrotron in France. In this context, she participates in the instrumental developments of the DiffAbs beamline, optimized in the X-rays based techniques as X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence and absorption spectroscopies. She is also local contact for users in different domains (materials science, archeology, conservation science, paleontology, environment and geoscience, and medical applications). These activities require the development of innovative analytical methodologies, combining multi-scale characterization, from centimeter to micrometer, using complementary techniques, and the processing and interpretation of measurements.



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