Getting started with quantum computing


  • Bobby Corpus OneQuantum Philippines


Quantum computing has now become a buzzword to anyone interested in technology due to the speed up in computation it can deliver to certain problems as compared to classical computing. It has been theoretically demonstrated that, given sufficient logical qubits, quantum computing can crack existing cryptosystems like RSA and Elliptic Curve Cryptography. However, how does quantum computing make use of quantum theory to do computation? This talk aims to answer that question. It introduces the basic concepts of qubits, superposition, entanglement, measurement, the general computation process, quantum gates, and quantum circuits. It then applies these concepts to solving theoretically an example computation problem. A quantum programming framework called IBM QISKit will be introduced and it will be shown how the mathematics is mapped to a quantum circuit in QISKit. This topic is ideal for anyone who wants to get started with quantum computing.

About the Speaker

Bobby Corpus, OneQuantum Philippines

Bobby Corpus is a quantum computing advocate. He is president of OneQuantum Philippines, a chapter of OneQuantum, a global community on Quantum Technologies. He is a Technical Architect at Section6, New Zealand, and was the Innovation Lead at the Enterprise Data Office at Globe Telecoms. He was a Solution Architect at Red Hat and a Vice President and Lead Solution architect in Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore.
He graduated cum laude in Physics from the National Institute of Physics where he studied the topology and causality of spacetime. His interest in quantum computing comes from his training in physics and computer science.
He organized Quantum Computing Philippines in 2017 to raise awareness of quantum computing among Filipinos. Earlier this year, his group was recognized by OneQuantum global community and was assimilated into the group as OneQuantum Philippines, where he serves as the current president.




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