COVID, Physics, Leadership: Bringing certainty in an uncertain world


  • Marlon Rosendo Daza ⋅ PH Maxeon Solar Technologies, Laguna Technopark, Inc.


COVID. In 2020, this word evoked fear from nearly everyone. It isolated individuals, towns, countries. It is a problem begging for an immediate solution or solutions. The suite of solutions that the company implemented to protect its 2,000+ employees became the benchmark of other companies in the Technopark area. In less than two months of shutdown (from mid-March to end of April 2020), the company resumed daily operations and has not stopped since then.
Physics. In this case, it allows for innovative work on renewable energy to continue. The pace of thinking did not slow down although the physical proof is harder to come by with initial inaccessibility of tools and equipment. Still, the end-result is world record-breaking efficiencies in silicon solar cell technology (> 25.5%). This is achieved in a cell fab that is mass producing the current record holder in silicon solar cell efficiency (> 24.5%).
Leadership. The intangible ingredient that makes or breaks organizations. It is required to put order and focus on activities and resources to enable organizations to thrive in a difficult COVID-imposed working environment. It also unites the team to work together to achieve a common goal. It creates clarity on priorities – with Safety being the top, Business survival and Employees' economic welfare coming closely in pair. It enables the creation of an adaptable organization that can navigate through the risk-laden business path brought about by the pandemic and recent world events.

About the Speaker

Marlon Rosendo Daza, Maxeon Solar Technologies, Laguna Technopark, Inc.

Marlon Daza is currently the Director of Cell Technology Deployment (CTD) at Maxeon Solar Technologies (formerly Sunpower) based in Laguna Technopark (LTI), Philippines. Their work is focused on the development of the highest efficiency silicon-based photovoltaic (PV) cells in the world for mass production. They are responsible for designing PV cell architecture to maximize minority carrier generation, increase minority carrier lifetime, and minimize series resistance. They lead tool and process development activities to enable product cost competitiveness in the PV market. Marlon Daza graduated with a Ph.D. in Physics in 1997 from the University of the Philippines Diliman specializing in optics, laser physics and optoelectronics.



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