Using lasers for generation of THz radiation


  • Ondrej Kitzler ⋅ AU Department of Physics and Astronomy, Macquarie University, Australia


This talk will introduce the techniques used to generate THz radiation using various laser sources and summarize their respective advantages. It will then focus on the development and recent advances in intracavity THz lasers based on stimulated polariton scattering (SPS) achieved at Macquarie University. The talk will cover generation of THz radiation around 1-3 THz using MgO:LiNbO3 crystals and its extension to higher frequencies using RTP and KTP. It will discuss the laser design choices leading to higher efficiency and output power and mitigation of damage on optical components.  I will conclude the talk with recent advances in continuous wave THz generation and linewidth narrowing techniques and discuss its importance for spectroscopic applications.

About the Speaker

Ondrej Kitzler, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Macquarie University, Australia

Dr. Ondrej Kitzler is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Macquarie University in Sydney developing new sources of THz radiation based on stimulated polariton scattering. Before joining the THz project, he pioneered the field of high power, continuous wave, diamond Raman lasers during his PhD (2015) and subsequent postdoctoral research at Macquarie. These lasers are currently a promising candidate for guidestar applications in astronomy. His main interests are optics and laser development and translation of research outcomes into industry.



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