The Philippine STEAM education


  • Marie Paz E. Morales National Research Council of the Philippines and Philippine Normal University


The Philippine effort towards achieving global goals such as Agenda 2030 with its sustainable development goals (SDGs); and bringing the country to the Fourth Industrial Revolution era (FIRe) despite the COVID-19 pandemic foresees STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agri-Fisheries/Arts, Mathematics) professionals to be at the forefront. The aforementioned phenomena brought education to volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and diversified situations creating a disruptive transition towards Education 4.0. A minority of data and studies that focus on STEAM education in the country deprived us from sourcing information for policies and programs that will alleviate the Philippine STEAM Education. Hence, the program, TPACK in Philippine STEAM education, conceived the Philippine STEAM Education model as blueprint for tertiary STEAM education. Three frameworks (Philippine Policies Standards and Guidelines [PSGs], Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers [PPST], and TPACK) dictated the development of the blueprint using exploratory design, thematization, re-thematization and model analysis. The evidenced-based blueprint was sourced from the data provided by over a thousand of teachers with over a hundred focused participants identified from the majority of the regions. The final blueprint encompasses four major variables (outcomes, drivers, institutional support, and processes) common to the three education domains that may help define quality STEAM education in the country. The vision is for the model/blueprint to track and finally enhance the competencies of Philippine STEAM faculty to deliver a 21st century-skilled STEM workforce for the country.

About the Speaker

Marie Paz E. Morales, National Research Council of the Philippines and Philippine Normal University

Marie Paz Morales is a Full Professor 6 at the Philippine Normal University (PNU) and the Director of the Publication Office that manages three journals. She also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of two ASEAN Citation Indexed Philippine journals (The Normal Lights and Journal of Educational and Human Resource Development). Recently, she received the Research Citation Award from PNU. As a regular member of the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP), she was awarded the NRCP Achievement Award in 2019. She is also the current chair of NRCP Division 1, and the Assistant Corporate Secretary of the Governing Board. Her research interests focus on science education, cultural and gender studies, indigenous knowledge, STEAM, TPACK, and Participatory Action Research. She has and is engaging in different research configurations including national and international research collaborations. She is also a PhD paper reader and evaluator of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.



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