Tip-enhanced Raman and THz nanospectroscopy


  • Norihiko Hayazawa ⋅ JP Surface and Interface Science Laboratory, RIKEN


Owing to the long-time collaborations with the students/postdocs/professors from Philippines since I was an exchange student in Instrumentation Physics Laboratory (headed by Prof. Caesar Saloma), NIP, UPD in 1998-1999, tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) has been successfully developed in the various environments such as ambient, liquid, and low temperature (UHV-LT). The spatial resolution and the sensitivity of TERS has been proven to achieve sub-nanometer and single molecule level, respectively. Based on our prediction in 2006, TERS in UHV-LT achieved even the atomistic spatial resolution that visualized the interior of the single molecule.

While TERS and the related techniques showed the unprecedented resolution in space, the resolution in time has been very poor. This fact opened up the second opportunity to reinforce the collaboration with Filipino scientists in the field of THz science. In this presentation, we will introduce our challenge towards ultrafast time resolution up to sub-picosecond based on the combination between scanning probe microscopy and THz spectroscopy.

About the Speaker

Norihiko Hayazawa, Surface and Interface Science Laboratory, RIKEN

Norihiko Hayazawa obtained his Doctor of Engineering from Osaka University in 2001. After serving as a postdoctoral researcher, he became a tenured institute scientist in RIKEN in 2004 and currently a senior research scientist in RIKEN since 2009. He is also a visiting associate professor in Tokyo Institute of Technology since 2012 and also severed as a visiting scientist in Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal (2012-2016) and National Taiwan Normal University (2014). He got various awards including Near-field Optics Award of Optical Society of Japan (2000), Elsevier Chemical Physics Letters Most Cited Paper Award (2008), The Spectroscopic Society of Japan Award for Young Scientist (2012), The Young Scientists' Prize from Ministry of Education in Japan (2012), Optics Paper Award of Optical Society of Japan (2013), and The 17th Marubun Research Promotion Foundation Research Incentive Award (2014).
His recent research interests include surface science, near-field optics, nonlinear optics, vibrational spectroscopy and THz.



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