Exploiting ~100 picosecond coherent x-ray pulses in ultra high-speed imaging


  • Margie Olbinado ⋅ FR The European Synchrotron – ESRF


Third generation storage ring light sources–the first being The European Synchrotron–gave access, not only to bright x-rays, but also to partially coherent x-ray beams. Partial spatial coherence is a necessary requirement to observe interference effects caused by the propagation of a wave field scattered by an object. The spatial coherence length of synchrotron hard x-rays, which measures up to several tens of micrometers, paved way to the development of novel x-ray phase-contrast imaging methods. When combined with ultra high-speed x-ray detection strategies, the exploitation of ~100 picosecond coherent synchrotron x-ray pulses with MHz repetition rates is a powerful diagnostic to observe instantaneous velocities and internal structures that can not be obtained from x-ray attenuation-contrast imaging, and can not or only partially be probed using optical shadowgraphy. At beamline ID19, single-pulse x-ray phase-contrast imaging with MHz frame rates is now routinely performed for various in situ materials characterization. I will describe our strategies to push the limits of time-resolved hard x-ray imaging and will show visualizations of various transient processes such as crack propagation, explosion during electric arc ignition, laser-induced micro-cavitations, jetting, and shock compression.

About the Speaker

Margie Olbinado, The European Synchrotron – ESRF

Margie Olbinado obtained her BS Physics and MS Physics degrees from the University of the Philippines Diliman in 2004 and 2006, consecutively. With a passion for x-ray physics, she moved to Japan in 2010 to pursue a PhD degree at The University of Tokyo, which was awarded to her in 2013. Her dissertation was dedicated to grating-based x-ray phase imaging instrumentation, including time-resolved applications with synchrotron x-rays. She then moved to Tohoku University as a post-doctoral researcher to develop x-ray phase imaging methods for inverse Compton scattering x-ray generators. Attracted by an excellent opportunity at one of the world's most brilliant x-ray sources, in 2015 she moved to The European Synchrotron – ESRF in France. Her work on MHz frame rate x-ray phase-contrast imaging has opened up new possibilities for visualizing stochastic transient processes that are otherwise difficult to probe by other techniques. She is currently a Junior Scientist at the ESRF.



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