Majorana excitations in Kitaev spin liquids


  • Hosho Katsura ⋅ JP Department of Physics, The University of Tokyo


In recent years, the Kitaev honeycomb model has been the focus of much attention, as it is a solvable example of a quantum spin liquid that hosts exotic Majorana excitations. A potential realization of the model through the Jackeli-Khaliullin mechanism was discussed in real materials with strong spin-orbit coupling. Examples include Na2IrO3 and α-RuCl3. In this talk, I will first review some basic facts about the Kitaev honeycomb model and related materials. Then, I will present our recent results on the optical conductivity in the pure Kitaev honeycomb model. The results obtained suggest that the Majorana excitations are responsible for the low-energy absorption continuum observed in α-RuCl3.

About the Speaker

Hosho Katsura, Department of Physics, The University of Tokyo

Hosho Katsura is an associate professor at the Department of Physics of The University of Tokyo. His research interests in condensed matter and statistical physics include quantum magnetism, multiferroics, quantum entanglement, topological phases, low-dimensional systems, and solvable/integrable models. He was previously a faculty member at Gakushuin University in Tokyo from 2010 to 2014. He has held postdoctoral positions at Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (UC Santa Barbara) and at Cross-Correlated Materials Research Group (RIKEN). He obtained his PhD degree in Applied Physics from The University of Tokyo in 2008.



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