Developing a standardized science process skills test in mechanics and thermodynamics


  • Rosemarie Deauna-Eusebio Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics, University of the Philippines Los BaƱos


Scientists use science process skills in investigating events in nature. One of the most important goals of science teaching is to enable the student to realize the importance of the processes of scientific inquiry in explaining the natural world. Thus, understanding science is not just a matter of knowing the "whats" but also experiencing the "hows." The author focused her attention on the area of assessment, particularly testing, as a means of measuring the acquisition of these science process skills in the students.
A standardized test in physics, specifically in Mechanics and Thermodynamics, was developed to measure the science process skills of college students enrolled in PHYS 3 General Physics I (Mechanics and Thermodynamics). Currently, the test is limited in various aspects as shown by its local norms. Nevertheless, this evaluation instrument could still be quite useful in providing educators valuable information about college students and their level of scientific literacy in terms of science process skills.



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