A computer controlled spectrometer system


  • Chi Ling Wong Department of Physics, Ateneo de Manila University
  • Jose Antonio Baduria, Jr. Department of Physics, Ateneo de Manila University


An IBM PC compatible controls a SPEX 1970 spectrometer through full duplex communication with Its Compudrive, A program written in Turbo Pascal, with in-line machine codes, programs the RS-232 serial communication card to send messages to and receive messages from the Compudrive. The user friendly program allows the user to pass parameters and commands to the Compudrive to control its every operation. Data is acquired by a photodiode mounted at the output slit of the spectrometer. The photodiode output Is amplified by a Keithley microvoltmeter which is interfaced to the computer. The computer automatically samples the data and stores them as a file in the diskette. The data can then be presented in a scaled graphic window as wavelength versus relative intensity. A smoothing procedure is provided to remove noises in the raw data for more accurate spectral analysis.



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Instrumentation Physics



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